Needs of the Dying – 3 CEUs

In compassionate language, The Needs of the Dying helps us through the last chapter of our lives. Author David Kessler has identified key areas of concern: the need to be treated as a living human being, the need for hope, the need to express emotions, the need to participate in care, the need for honesty, the need for spirituality, and the need to be free of physical pain. Examining the physical and emotional experiences of life-challenging illnesses, Kessler provides a vocabulary for family members and for the dying that allows them to communicate with doctors, with hospital staff, and with one another, and—at a time when the right words are exceedingly difficult to find—he helps readers find a way to say good-bye. Using comforting and touching stories, he provides information to help us meet the needs of a loved one at this important time in our lives.


This study guide provides:

1. How to explain to a child that a loved one has passed away

2. How to recognize the signs of active dying

3. How to give the dying person proper dignity

4. How the dying feel emotionally and physically

5. Decision making with the dying person

6. Management of behavioral problems