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Needs of the Dying – 3 CEUs

In compassionate language, The Needs of the Dying helps us through the last chapter of our lives. Author David Kessler has identified key areas of concern: the need to be treated as a living human being, the need for hope, the need to express emotions, the need to participate in care, the need for honesty, …

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Medical Errors – 3 CEUs

The death toll from healthcare screw ups add up to at least 500,000 Americans annually. That is the equivalent of more than 3 jumbo jets crashing every day of the year. Because these individuals are dying at home, in hospitals, or in nursing homes, no one is counting the bodies. There is no outrage; no …

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Preceptors – 4 CEUs

The Preceptor is an experienced licensed administrator or nurse who is enthusiastic about their profession and has a desire to teach. A Preceptor prepares students using a variety of skills. Role modeling professional interactions on the care unit, demonstrating actions, and giving timely and appropriate feedback to the student are ways of fulfilling this role.