Medication Administration Technician – 2 CEUs

This course will provide the student with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to assist individuals in residential care, group homes, and sheltered workshops with medication administration.

To administer medications in a residential care facility or group home, you must have medication administration training. Includes administration of medications, measuring and charting, vital signs and legal aspects.

The objectives of this course are:
• Understand a prescription label
• Provide assistance with oral medication
• Provide assistance with topical forms of medication.
• How to measure liquid medications, break scored tablets and crush tablets as directed by prescription order
• Understand what “assistance” with medication includes and does not include, and recognize a medication order that requires judgment.
• Recognize the need to seek clarification for “as needed prescription orders
• Develop an understanding of the types of questions to ask a health care provider regarding a resident’s medications.
• Complete a medication observation record.
• Recognize the general side effects to medication classes and the need to report adverse reactions.
• Understand the issues related to residents’ right to privacy and providing for residents’ safety related to medications.
• Understand the requirements which must be met when residents keep medications in their rooms.
• Retrieve and store medication.

One of the most important services an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) may provide is assisting a resident with medications. For caregivers in ALFs, this is frequently the crucial component of caring for residents. Most people move to an ALF because of a need for assistance with personal care, including assistance with medications and other activities of daily living. As a Medication administration technician, (MAT), you might need to assist a resident with medications. It may be your job to pick up medications at the pharmacy, check them when they are delivered, and make sure that they are taken as directed.

This study guide describes:
1. The process for assisting residents to take their medications safely
2. Provides an overview of the law and rule requirements with respect to assistance;
3. And describes procedures relating to the management of medications in the assisted living setting.

We have developed this study guide to permit unlicensed personnel, as caregivers, to safely assist residents with the self-administration of medication.