I’m Still Here – 4 CEUs

This course moves past the perception that people who receive an Alzheimer’s diagnosis are lost to themselves and to those who love them and focuses on how the caregiver can connect with the individual through their abilities that don’t diminish with time, such as understanding music, art, facial expressions, and touch.

– Describe and examine the primary, secondary and tertiary “symptoms” of Alzheimer’s and the skills and capacities of people living with Alzheimer’s
– Discuss the physical changes of the brain during the course of Alzheimer’s
– Examine and develop ways to connect with the individual living with Alzheimer’s at different stages of the illness through the arts
– Recognize and discuss the physical environment of a person living with Alzheimer’s as part of the treatment plan
– Discuss and examine strategies for building successful relationships with effective communication with people living with Alzheimer’s

1. Embracing Alzheimer’s
2. The Alzheimer’s Journey
3. The Alzheimer’s Brain
4. Art and Alzheimer’s
5. The Dramatic Arts
6. Treatment by Design
7. Building a New Relationship
8. Appreciating the New Relationship
9. A Two-Way Street
10. The Gifts of Alzheimer’s
11. Being in the Present Moment